Tri-County Trail Association


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Tri-County Trail Association Purpose Statment

~To create, stimulate, and promote the interest in horsemanship and horseback 

  riding as a recreational activity, and to encourage the training and care of horses.    

~To further trail riding through cooperation with other organizations.

~To develop and maintain a system of trails for horseback riding enjoyment.

~To obtain these goals without any personal gain or profit to any officer, director,         or member.

The video below was taken as you come into camp. You can see what Tri-Co is all about and what we have to offer.

If you are unable to view this video in your browser, you can also go to You Tube and search

 *Tri-County Trail Association - Camp Tour*

Trail Info

**Red Trail has been rerouted due to an issue with one bridge. Enjoy the new trail!

-Our trails are all moderate. They are a nice blend of moderate hills, shallow creek crossings, bridges, road crossings, woods and open fields. The majority of the trails are in the woods. Some will even lead you to places where you can tie up your horse, get something to eat and use a rest room. See map for details. -Some trails are vehicle-wide, some are horse-wide and some are single file.

-All trails are color-coded. They are marked with colored ribbons hanging throughout the trail. In addition, there are matching colored 2 x 2 square arrows plus Tri-Co logos on trees marked in both directions.

-Tri-Co members do their best to keep the trails clean, but sometimes Mother Nature comes a calling! Please telephone /text/email us if you come across something that is on the trail that needs removed. Feel free to help out and take clippers with you when you go on a trail ride!

-If you get lost on the trail, please call Ellen Van Pelt at 330.323.2834 or Jim Mike at 330.323.4738. Let them know what color of trail you are/were on and describe your surroundings and they should be able to walk you out on the phone.

FYI**Our Blue trail is shared with 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. Most are respectful to horse riders and will turn their bikes off but not all of them. Please be careful when on this trail. -With this, there are many off shoots from our trail. Pay attention to the marked trail, you can get off it very easily. All loops do come back around, just remember where you have been. Trail is marked well.

Camp Info

Set back in the woods away from the road you will find our cozy campground.


- Open camping area in the center circle provides tie stands and tie line options under the trees along with many water hydrants to water your horse from.

- More open camping area on the outer edge of the center circle with tie lines in the woods.

- A cement pad, 2 station wash area for your horses. Our nice rotating overhead booms carry the water hose above for safer use, no legs caught in these hoses!


- Horse warm up area, as you pull into the main part of camp, you will see a lower area to the left that is nice and open. This is a great area to warm your horse up or play. We hold most of our games on horseback in the area.


- Large pavilion in the center circle, you are welcome to use at any time while in camp.  Just as a reminder, all animals must stay on the outside of the white lines you will see on the trees, this is for the health dept. Thank you for understanding.


- Full kitchen that is used at our events for the wonderful home cooking style food no one can get enough of, along with the large outside grill.


- 2 rest rooms, one in the center circle and one in the north east corner.  Keep in mind they are primitive, but there is lights and toilet paper!


- All camping is primitive. If you have a health issues, and must have electric overnight, please contacts us so we can accommodate you. Please show a doctors reasoning.


- Generators are allowed to be used up until midnight, and back on at 6 a.m. so that others can sleep.


- There is a Coke machine in camp above our pavilion  in front of the info stand, you are welcome to this all year round. It is closed bottles so you can ride though and get a drink to take in your saddle bags. (Bottled water & OJ as well) The water in the hydrants at camp are safe for people to drink from, very good spring water, tested all the time.


- A cool playground for the kids, stocked with swings, ladders, slides and much more!


- A gravel parking area above the pavilion if you just want to drive down, or on those muddy days your welcome to park your rig if not a event weekend or its full of cars.


- We also offer leased camping lots. These are only $200 a full year (January-December), plus membership. You are welcome to leave a camper on the lot year round, build a horse corral or tie line of your own, and personalize the lot to make it home away from home! Contact us to find out how to get one today, not many left!  See rules you can click on to the above right. This is all the camping you see as you pull into camp to the right all the way through camp.


- A dump station will be ready very soon to empty your camper when you stay at camp. As soon as this is inspected it will be ready for your personal donations :)   It only cost $5 every time campers dump their personal waste, and is only for use when you are camping. Please place your money in the donation box located by the lower restrooms at the main entrance.


- We can't say enough great things about or campgrounds and our you will just have to come down and check them out for yourself!

Dogs In Camp

-You are welcome to bring your dog to camp with you, but please keep them on a leash or confined at all times.

-Dogs cannot be in the pavilion, or within the white rings on the trees close to the pavilion per the health dept.

-Dogs cannot go on any trails at any time. This causes problems with our land owners' dogs and is not permitted.

-Any dog in camp needs to be respectful to other campers, please do not allow your dog to bark all the time. If you are on the trail, please put your dog in you camper or trailer if they bark while your gone. If they are a great disturbance in camp you will be asked to take them home.

-These rules are in place for the safety of your dog and others, please be respectful, Thank you.

Please keep all animals away from the pavilion due it being a food area. You will see white rings around the trees and signs like this so you know where the limit is. Thank you!

An example of one of our horse bridges on the trail & a small water crossing both located on our RED Trail