Tri-County Trail Association


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Come and enjoy our weekends of fun!


-If you would like info on any event, please click on the links to the right for the events you would like to check out. 

-All tickets can still be bought at the event as you come in. Cash or check is all that is accepted.  However, some weekends will cost more if you pay when you come and you may not get a good parking spot.   Please make reservations so we can account for the food easier.

-OQHA Weekend & Away Ride is required to have prepaid reservations.


-Feel free to contact us through email on our contact page for any event or call the contact person on the flyers.

Gamed Events

OX Roast holds the Terri Willard Horse Poker Run

Only Costing $5 to enter. How to play - Go in groups or alone, we have a trail that will have 5 buckets on it each filled with a deck of cards. Each Rider has to collect a card from each bucket. Every card is in an envelope so you can't see what the card is. When you get back to camp, the person running the poker run will open the envelopes, showing you your poker hand. At that time you can buy up to 2 different cards for $2 each. Best hand wins!